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IFIC Forensics

  • Support all staff members
  • Data storage requirements
  • Maintain in-house email solution
  • Improving Business Continuity
  • Maintenance of servers, Surfaces, laptops remote working devices
  • Future proof the business
  • Keep all cloud hosted data in an EU Datacentre
  • Office 365
  • Cloud Services
  • IT Support

Getting Cloud Cover IT on board was the best thing that could have happened to IFIC Forensics’ ITC.

Dr Barry Clark, Head of ITC



IFIC Forensics is a market leading forensic investigation firm, comprised IFIC Forensics PNG-01.pngof
highly  experienced investigators and consultants committed to delivering technical excellence for clients across the full spectrum of service.
Operating throughout the UK, Ireland and overseas, their clients trust IFIC
to respond rapidly and deliver conclusive reports, robust evidence and
expert testimony of the highest technical standard.  Supporting these
standards requires a state of the art ITC system which complies with, and
supports, the appropriate business standards (ISO 27001, ISO 9001, etc.)
and does so with a high degree of data security and resilience to ensure
business continuity under any foreseeable conditions.


As the business expanded, IFIC found that more and more time was involved in supporting both in-house staff and developing the secure IT infrastructure. IFIC decided to determine if outsourcing their ITC support would be beneficial in terms of further improving security and business resilience, and additionally free up IT staff for developing their market leading Praxis SLA case management system.


IFIC contacted Cloud Cover IT. We conducted a detailed “on-boarding” analysis of their business requirements to detail exactly the hardware, software and challenges IFIC had and further identify the most cost-effective solutions for the business.  The following key challenges were identified:

  • Supporting all staff members with day to day ICT Issues
  • Data storage requirements
  • Maintaining the in-house Email solution
  • Improving Business Continuity
  • Maintenance of servers, Surfaces, laptops and physical machines used for remote working
  • Identifying new technologies and solutions to support the growing business
  • Having the assurance that any cloud hosted data remained out with US Jurisdiction and in an EU Datacentre


We initially recommended a switch to virtualised servers with Microsoft Active Directory, a high performance NAS system and Office365. This ensured that IFIC had the highest possible security and resilience on end-to-end TLS protected business-critical email and enabled IFIC to develop a single sign-on policy across all their systems, substantially improving integration with out-workers by use of an RDP server instead of multiple desktop machines. The use of virtualisation provided a simple path to offsite backup with almost real-time replication of all IFIC’s business critical IT data activities. We took full responsibility for the on-boarding exercise, including email migration to Office365, all of which was achieved with virtually no downtime. IFIC Forensics now have a state of the art business continuity / disaster recovery system operating with high security.


After the initial onboarding, We provided IFIC with full ICT support, including maintenance of all servers, desktops, laptops and Surfaces, etc., along with full AV and malware control. These are managed services based on an SLA contract that provides all IFIC staff access to our experienced team of consultants and Engineers via email and phone.


Additionally, we have assisted IFIC with Azure Rights Management and Mobile device management. Mobile Device Management provides remote management and control for the mobile devices that are routinely deployed in the field, enabling better oversight, improved security, data at rest protection, better manageability of the devices and ensures synchronisation of the devices with the AD infrastructure. Azure Rights Management (Azure Information Protection) now helps to protect IFIC’s sensitive information from unauthorised access, and control how this information is used.


Rights Management uses encryption, identity, and authorisation policies to help secure their files and email. In comparison to standard access controls, such as NTFS permissions, protection that is applied by using Rights Management stays with the files and emails, independently of the location – inside or outside their organisations, networks, file servers, and applications. IFIC now remains in control of their data even when it is shared with other people.




On completion of this Phase one Project, IFIC are now fully secure both online and offline, and have full ICT support throughout the business for all eventualities, from complete System failures to general staff support questions from how to open Word to replacing key equipment such as Surfaces and printers.